Dominik was born in Kreuzlingen, a small town near Zurich, Switzerland, where he grew up with his four sisters and one brother. Since he was born to a German mother and an Austrian father (his grandfather was the Austrian archivist and historian Dr. Meinrad Tiefenthaler), he never held Swiss citizenship, but remained an Austrian-German national.

He received his MD from the Medical School of the University of Zurich, Switzerland. After two years of practice in the neurosurgical program at the Cantonal Hospital in St. Gallen, Switzerland, he moved to New York City to pursue a career in acting.

He was married in NYC in 2001 and got divorced a few years later.

He completed William Esper’s two-year Professional Program, and Shane Ann Younts’ two-year Program for Voice and Speech. He is currently studying with John Dapolito in his Master Class for the Working Actor. He lives on the Upper East Side of the City he loves and is happy to call home.
Dominik Tiefenthaler

Dominik Tiefenthaler
Mission StatementI am going to devote my dreams to those characters who are masters at their true vocation, yet find themselves disillusioned by their mastery because they realize that this perfect status quo would mean stagnation and ultimate demise.

Their perfect world is irrevocably shattered and severed either by personal choice, or by some outer force that severs them completely from the safe haven of their old, known world; and forces them to take the big leap into the great unknown, where they find themselves alone, above everything alone. They struggle to find their own way, with uncertain steps they have never ever taken before.